In earlier days, you might have found information for my consulting services in flight simulation/training and engineering and how desperately you might be in need of my services.  No more, I am done.  My kids say “yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard that before!” but I’ve finally proven them wrong. I haven’t done a stitch of paid work for over two years now, not to be confused with keeping busy as a volunteer in worthy causes.   My bride Barbara has been working part-time in her own business, but she says she’ll hang it up this spring.   “Yeah, yeah, yeah, heard that before !!”

I exist these days in reasonably good health and happiness.  Barbara and I keep ourselves busy working  to fix up our children’s houses or otherwise support their needs,  interspersed with very long cruises.  I think the next one will be number 26 or 27.  Our next scheduled cruise is this November 2013 is from Honolulu to Sydney, Australia along with some close friends dating way back to my early flying days in the Air Force when air had just recently been discovered.   19 days, including 11 days at sea.  6,000 miles across the Pacific, including visits to the French Polynesian Islands.  We can’t wait.

Other important events this year include the graduation of our oldest grand-son John Riding from College, and our oldest grand-daughter Hollyn Hartog from High School. I can’t even remember High School, I’m not sure they had high schools when I was young.  John will be trying to start his film career in Los Angeles, while Hollyn is busy trying to decide whether she’ll go to University of Florida, Yale, or Georgia Tech.  Decisions, decisions, decisions…..This October we will attend the 500th reunion of my AF Pilot Training class from Laredo AFB, class 66A.  I think that will be in San Antonio TX.

But I digress. Lately I have been mostly busy with two efforts. First, the management and gradual dissolution of my sister Ellie’s Estate and Trust.  She died on 21 October after a six+ year cancer struggle.  Second, I have been busy helping my daughter Marci (and husband Bill) restore the derelict house they bought on the south shore of Lake Alto, in Waldo Florida. That is coming along very nicely.  Don’t tell anyone, but I’m toying with buying a small ultra-light airplane and parking it on their water front. Oh, I’d fly it of course, but mostly its job would be to look cool.

I’ll try to update this from time to time……Ruud